All of a sudden, your mailbox bursts.

The espresso machine is on 24/7.

Too much black in the stomach.

Cup leaves water stains on table. Copy deadline under eyes ditto.

Exactly NOW they should be ready: your news highlighting your great online services, your sustainable e-commerce, and your casual yet luxurious-looking landing page.

News so ‘bam’ that your readers become greedy smombies and push your sales to heights at which even Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner would gasp.

Instead, you turn into the ‘It’s-On-The-Tip-Of-My-Tongue-But-Doesn’t-Come-Out’-street, which crosses the ‘OMG-I-Almost-Forgot-That-Has-To-Be-Done-Too’, and there you can already see it leaving, the acidic yellow bus heading for the ‘That-Used-To-Be-Better-Before’-district.

What would be the most desirable thing right now?



Relief via trust.

Good hands that go to work.

Joyous confidence.

From searching to finding

I’ll grab it for you.

My magic golden spade.

Crawl into the depths.

The Lara Croft with the licence to dig up typos.

Archaeologist and copywriter.

Unleashed when she gets her teeth into an issue.

No stratum will stop me when I’m on my way down.

Past stiff clay, wet and dark.

And there… finally:

Still covered by clumps of earth, that’s where they lie.

They snuggle up to each other.

Warmly shimmering.

Can’t wait to get lifted.

To the surface, to light.

That’s where they start their new lives.

Words, bang on target.

Powerful. Even if they are ever so tiny.

They come in magical, enchanting.

Turn readers into enthusiasts.

It’s for you. Just for you.

What exactly am I offering you?

To come straight to the point(s):

Text / Content

Title, intro, sound, rhythm, and tonality – a good text is like music.


Sometimes short and crisp.
Sometimes elegant and flowing.

And just like good music, good lyrics captivate their audience.

Simply irresistible.

That’s exactly how you want it to be, your blog, slogan or newsletter?

Trust me:
Nothing easier than that!


Lecture, website, or audio guide, how would you like it?

I translate from German into English. And vice versa.

Benefit from over 10 years of experience as a translator. For museums, universities, and the private sector.

Arts and culture. And more.

Or do you want your text in Simple / Plain Language?

I will be happy to help you.


Print, Online, Website, Social Media… There are many channels to boost visibility.

It is easy to launch any sort of campaign.
What really pays off, though, is the action that is based on targeted planning.

Do you want to know more?

Want to better address your target? I like it!

Together we will make your appearance even better!

Editorial Services

Well-known to anybody who writes:
When checking for errors, you get stuck in a rut.

Formal and logical mistakes can easily be corrected, though.

I lend you my support.

With an eye for detail and a sense of style.

With me it is in good hands, your professional article or business plan.

For happy readers and grateful search engines.


Whether a museum plans to attract visitors or a company looks for more customers – your goal on the Internet must be to position yourself optimally for your specific subject.

I’ll give you valuable tips on how to optimize your text so that it will better rank with Google & Co.

And you?
Are simple happy!

About more readers, buyers, customers.


Company brochure, presentation, or e-book – there can be no doubt that text and image belong together.

But how do you get from the initial idea to the rewarding result?

It’s easy: by entrusting your project to my network and me.

This is where the strings are pulled.

In terms of image selection, editing, and creative work.

Slim and convincing…

That’s how layout works today.

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 Your Benefit

What’s in it for you?

You have less and less desire to spend more and more time on the Internet looking for THE service provider that is a real good match?

The one who understands what you are saying.

What you mean. What you want.

The one you can simply rely on.

Shall I tell you something? I know exactly how you feel.

So, I make the search for THE suitable copywriter and translator as easy as ABD for you.


Easy as ABD? Really?

Just read the following sentence:

Smooth analytical thinking meets borderline radical empathy.

If you want to embrace this sentence spontaneously, then you have just… – hit the bull’s eye!


Because this one sentence conveys the essence of my attitude and my way of working.

I love my job – you can bet!
And when I’m done? You can rejoice!

About significantly less stains in your direct environment.

About a fluffy plus of relaxation.

And more smiling focus on what YOU love about YOUR job!

Yes, so be it? The sooner the better?

With pleasure. I would be delighted! Tell me about your plans.

Spade and miner’s lamp are right next to my keyboard…

Contact? Gladly!
About the Archaeologist


In a nutshell:

Hi, I am Dr. Annika Backe-Dahmen.

Archaeologist. Copywriter. Passionista.

Hanseatic mind combined with Prussian way of working.

Started 20 years ago, today I am at home in 4 areas:

Museum, science, trade, and journalism.

Each of these areas has its own language.

I can help you with the translation.

Slightly more details:


Fasten seat belts and tray tables up, let’s beam back to 1978.

Plush pullover, corduroy trousers, Fanta. And hit parade on Saturday pus tinkering with the cassette recorder.

But what is it that reaches my ears? No idea, can’t speak English.

So: ask! Answer: ‘You can’t translate it 1:1. There is no exact expression in German!’

Frustration. I want to know!


Fast forward, 10 years later. Yes, I can speak English now, and I understand that most of the songs are about love.

This is the year I, too, will meet my first great love. However, I still don’t know anything about it when I set out. Into the warm Greek sun, to grey-green olive groves, bright blue sea and snow-white temples.

When I leave again, I carry it in my heart: the love for a culture and an art that many of us consider the epitome of beauty.

When the virus infects me, it is clear: I MUST study archaeology.

It makes me cycle to another school to take Latin lessons three times a week.
It makes me sit in the Ancient Greek seminar at unearthly hours the first two semesters.
It makes me stand in a hole in the ground in Tunisia at 79 or so degrees Celsius and stare at ceramic crumbs and wall remains, which stubbornly refuse to reveal their story!

Well, let’s see about THAT!


Museum work learned from scratch thanks to 2-year internship on Berlin’s Museum Island. Painted the Collection of Classical Antiquities and the Coin Cabinet red. Ditto Dresden Sculpture Collection. PostDoc projects – and one or two things about art history and archaeology said at uni.

With the idea of offering museum tours for the deaf in mind, trained to become a certified communication assistant with competence in German sign language.

Life decides differently and sends a still very small hero.

Meanwhile 10 years of writing, editing, and translating for a press service specialized in numismatics.

Now it’s my turn to decide.
And I choose to start my own business.

After hundreds of advertising texts, background articles, book reviews, auction reports as an employee, very much experience text-wise meets with noticeably less experience in customer acquisition.

Knowing the comfort zone only from hearsay many times, it is about finding one’s own appearance, one’s own language.

The customer journey becomes a journey to oneself. Values are defined, uncertainties endured, pitches made, proud partial victories won.

Valuable practice comes as a side effect by acting as a representative of an auction house specializing in stamps and coins.
And so I meet up to hitherto strangers, sitting in front of oak cupboards on soft sofas. Look at wonderful coins and in eager eyes.
Drill myself into ever new collecting areas and market prices.

The very first customer appointment? Don’t ask. #Test anxiety. The second? A bit better already. The third? Yup. There you are!

And the moral of the story?
Read on and find out…

...the crucial point

Getting to the bottom of things is the central theme and my personal incentive.

With everything I do.

As an archaeologist I am a copywriter – and as a copywriter I am an archaeologist.

That’s how it happened.

Now you know.


Who I work(ed) for

Backe’s Blog

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You want them, the words, the right ones? Gladly! Phone see below, mail see here.